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Supernatural has to have the best fan base in the world.  Honestly, I’ve never seen fans of anything else so passionate about…well, anything.  These are some of my top Supernatural websites and/or blogs, please check them out and pay them a visit.

Winchester Bros

You can’t talk about the best Supernatural fan sites without bringing up the Winchester Bros website.  They’ve been around since Supernatural first aired back in 2005 and are still going strong today.  Even though they’ve got some great original articles, my favorite content of their’s are the podcasts.  The Winchester Bros have some pretty awesome interviews with a bunch of the staff from Supernatural.

The Winchester Family Business

Article after article, the Winchester Family Business has a ton of content.  From thought provoking articles to games, polls and media, they have pretty much everything.  If you want to absorb a lot of information about Supernatural, you could spend days reading through their wide variety of content…And that’s a good thing :)

Many a Vanished Scene

This blog by Hells Half Acre is awesome.  Even before I started this site, I remember using their site for reference on trying to figure out my Dean Halloween costume years ago.  I don’t think anyone else has spent as much time and effort on so many details of Supernatural.  If you’ve ever got a question about a piece of clothing that either Sam or Dean wore, check out their blog post, “If Clothes Could Talk“, they have everything categorized into seasons, Sam and Dean, etc.

A Blog Devoted to Supernatural

Well written and insightful articles is the content you’ll find on Belinda’s Supernatural blog.  Chances are, after reading a few of her posts, you’ll come across something she mentions from one of Supernatural’s episodes that you never thought of before.  Don’t let the occasional broken image deter you – Belinda really does have some great articles to read.

Death to Normalcy – Supernatural Apocalypse

If you like Supernatural gifs, this is a pretty good blog to start.  Death to Normalcy doesn’t just post gifs, but as you can see from the front page of her blog, they’re pretty common.  Scroll down a bit, or even search through her old posts and you’ll find a lot of good tidbits and things :)

Sweet on Dean

Sweet on Dean does have some pretty good articles, but the Women of Letters podcast that she co-hosts is pretty cool.  Her blog is definitely very colorful, she’s a great writer with some pretty interesting stories.  I think one of her greatest writing abilities is to make you feel like it’s one of your close friends telling you a story.  She’s very personable, and that’s a good thing.

Supernatural Daily

Another awesome Supernatural blog, Supernatural Daily.  They’ve got constantly updated news and information about Supernatural, and their image gallery is pretty extensive too.  What do they do during Hellatus?  Post gifs, of course! :) Supernatural Daily also have an awesome episode/season guide and even give you links to watch episodes online.  When they say they’re your #1 Supernatural resource, they really mean it.

Supernatural Fans Online

All the news and information on Supernatural you could possibly want, if you’re a regular to this site, you’ll never miss any Supernatural related news.  Pretty much any detail of Supernatural can be found on their website somewhere, they even have an entire section dedicated to spoilers, like this season seven, episode seven spoiler.


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