How You Can Effortlessly Cosplay Sam Winchester (Outerwear & Shirts)

Last week I wrote an article on cosplaying Dean, specifically his jackets and shirts.  I think this is going to be a bit trickier since Sam’s attire changes a lot more over the seasons than Dean’s.  On the other hand, I think writing about cosplaying Sam will have a lot more variety.

Sammy’s Different Jackets & StylesSam Winchester's hooded jacket

Sam’s style and clothing definitely changes a lot in Supernatural.  Unlike Dean, who basically keeps the same style, Sam’s changes and “matures”.  We start out at the beginning of the show with Sam wearing typical college kid clothes – graphic tees and hoodies.

The Winchester brothers both tend toward a more rustic fashion, but Sam a little less so than Dean.  They actually remind me of modern day cowboys.  Sam wears a lot of plaid all throughout Supernatural, and he even wears a few different brown jackets that (especially with the plaid) really make me think of old westerns.

An Oldie but a Goodie: The Carhartt Hooded Coat

I know I’ve said it plenty before, but just like Dean’s leather jacket, Sam’s tan Carhartt coat is a classic.  It first appears in season one, episode two and we keep seeing it until about halfway through season six.

The great thing about this jacket (and most of the Winchester’s attire) is that it’s extremely functional.  I own a very similar Carhartt jacket that I use for work, and it’s been great in the bitter cold winter months.  It’s made out of a tough material and has a great inner lining to keep you warm.

If you had to choose just once piece of outwear for your Sam Winchester cosplay, I think the Carhartt jacket would have to be it.  Supernatural fans will know who you’re cosplaying instantly.

Sam Winchester Charcoal HoodieHoodies Galore

If Dean ever wears a hoodie in the show, I can’t think of it.  In fact, as far as I could find, Sam hardly ever wears a hoodie after season one.  But like any good college boy, he owns and wears quite a few (in the first season).

I’m not sure if the writers/costume designers did it on purpose, but it kind of follows along with Sam’s style maturing.  Sam joins Dean in the pilot episode straight from college.  Along with that?  His hoodies.

If you’re going for a younger Sam look, you can never go wrong with a hoodie.  He keeps his hoodies pretty simple too, so you could really wear whatever you like.  But if you want to keep your cosplay as accurate as possible, his charcoal hoodie is pretty popular with fans.  Not sure where to get one?  Check out my page on how to dress like Sam.

The Brown Corduroy & Brown Suede Jackets

Two pieces of Sam’s outerwear that scream cowboy, especially with a plaid shirt on underneath.  I really, really like this look.

I’m a huge fan of simple, and Sam and Dean pull it off very well.

If you’re going for an older, more mature little Sammy, then this is what I’d go with.  You don’t look like a little kid (no hoodie) and I think the solid colored brown jackets Sam wears look great with plaid button/snap up shirts.

I think it especially looks good if the plaid shirt has blue in it.

Sam’s Shirts

Similar to his outerwear, Sam’s shirts definitely mature over time.  He starts out wearing plain and graphical T-shirts, then moves on to mostly long-sleeve button or snap up collared shirts.

If you’re cosplaying the younger Winchester brother, and you’re going for the early Sam look, you’ll probably want to grab a T-shirt.  But if you’re going for the older, more sophisticated Sam, then those T-shirts will be relegated to undershirt status.

Sam Winchester Blue Plaid Long Sleeve ShirtPlaid or Stripes? Long Sleeve Shirts

Sam’s long sleeve shirts are pretty easy to copy, especially since plaid snap-up shirts are pretty popular right now.  You could walk into any normal clothing store and find a huge variety of them.

I have no idea what brand his plaid shirts are, and I’m not sure anyone knows (nothing I could find).  Honestly though, does it really matter?  If you’re going for the plaid Sam Winchester look, then just browse your favorite clothing store, I’m sure you’ll find something.

I’m personally partial to the plaid look – I’ve never been a big fan of striped shirts.  I’m not sure why, maybe they’re just too plain, or too dorky (because I’m obviously way too cool for stripes).

My favorite color is blue (who’s isn’t?), and I think brown looks awesome with blue.  So my choice would be something along the lines of Sam’s plaid shirt in the picture above.

I mentioned this in my Dean cosplay article too, but don’t forget to roll your sleeves up (one of the many similarities between Sam and Dean’s wardrobe).  How else are you going to keep fighting angels and demons if you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and get a little dirty?


If you’re interested in buying any jackets or shirts like Sam’s, check out my page on how to dress like Sam.  Not interested in reading an article on it, and just want to see pictures and links?  My Sam Winchester costume page covers that.

Even though Sam’s clothing changes a lot more throughout the show than Dean’s, I think his style is a lot easier to replicate.  On the other hand though, it’s not quite as unique as Dean’s.  I don’t see too many people walking around with vintage leather jackets over Dickie’s work shirts, but I see plenty of guys walking around in long sleeve plaid.  And Sam’s “famous” Carhartt hooded jacket?  Drive by any work site during the cold winter months (if you have those where you live) and you’re bound to see at least a few of the workers wearing a Carhartt jacket similar to Sam’s.

Does that make Sam’s style bad?  No, at least I don’t think so.  In my opinion Sam’s clothing style almost always looks nicer than Dean’s does.

What would be your preferred shirt/jacket combo when cosplaying Sam Winchester?


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