Dean’s Jackets VS Sam’s Jackets

Ever wondered just how often Sam and Dean wear their most popular jackets?  I was, and I’m actually pretty surprised by the results.

Dean Winchester's Jackets vs Sam Winchester's Jackets by Popularity

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Even though I give a link to the Supernatural Wiki, the real source for all the numbers in my infographic is Hell’s Half Acre “If clothes could talk”.  I thought it was only fair to thank them directly since they’re the ones who did the research for how many times Sam and Dean actually wore their different jackets.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I was definitely surprised that Dean’s leather jacket was actually beaten out by both the Alpha Industries M-65 field jacket and his Gap Commander Slub Twill jacket.  Want more info on Dean’s jackets?  Check out my page on them here.

The stats on Dean’s jackets surprised me, but no where near as much as Sam’s jackets.  I always thought of Sam’s hooded Carhartt jacket as his most popular, but it turns out it’s not even close.  Okay, so it’s a little close, since I only covered the Winchester brother’s most common jackets anyway.  It’s just that Sam’s hooded Carhartt came in last place (only 14%) out of his most commonly worn outerwear. If you’re curious about Sam’s jackets or just want more details on them, read my article on Sam’s outerwear and shirts.

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