Sam’s Accessories

Sam Winchester's Accessories

The younger Winchester brother keeps his accessories pretty light, even lighter than Dean.  Sam will sometimes wear a bracelet, sometimes not, but always seems to be wearing a watch.

Sam Winchester’s Accessories vs Real Products

Item Name & ImageScreen Cap of Accessory
Suunto Vector Watch
Sam Winchester Costume Suunto Vector Watch
Sam Winchester Suunto Vector Watch
Nixon Player Watch
Sam Winchester Costume Nixon Player Watch
Sam Winchester Silver Watch
Guess Stainless
Steel Watch
Guess Stainless Steel Watch
Sam Winchester Silver Watch
Leather Bracelet
Sam Winchester Costume Bracelet
Sam Winchester Bracelet

Sam Winchester's watchSam’s Watches

Like Dean, Sam doesn’t just have one watch he wears throughout the entire show.  However, there are a few watches that show up quite a bit.  It seems like all of Dean’s watches are rugged/military style.  Sam has some watches like that, but he also wears some nicer watches too.

Suunto Vector

The Suunto Vector is like the little brother to the Suunto Core (the watch Dean is known for wearing).  Check out Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch if you want to own the same watch Sam does.

As far as I know, the Suunto Vector is his most well-known watch, but that could just be because I’m biased towards the first five seasons.

Sam Winchester's Nixon Player watchNixon Player

The Nixon Player watch is a great example of a nicer style watch that Sam wears.  You can see the contrast between all of Dean’s watches (they’re pretty much all black) and this nice silver one.

If you want to buy the exact watch Sam Winchester’s wearing here, Nixon The Big Player.  There are a few different styles of the Nixon Big Player watch, but that one looks the closest I think.

If you don’t want to spend that much, you can find cheaper alternatives.  It won’t be exactly the same of course, but close enough in style and look.  A search on Amazon shows Guess Stainless Steel watch.  Like I said, not exactly the same, but the style and colors match.

Sam Winchester's black braceletSam’s Bracelet

I’m 99% sure Sam wears more than just one bracelet, but this was the only screen capture I could find.  I have no idea what the brand is, and it’s not really talked about that much.  So you could go with pretty much anything here.  Any generic, thin black wrist band/bracelet would do.  With a quick search on Amazon I came up with this, which is actually pretty nice (and still cheap) for just a black bracelet Bracelet Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp – 7.5 inch.

I know it’s a light list, but from all of my research, these were the only few things ever mentioned.  If you know of anything else, or just have a question/comment, please let me know down below.

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