Dean’s Different Shirts

Dean Winchester's Different Shirts

Dean’s main style of shirts on Supernatural are the Dickies and Carhartt long sleeve button up work shirts, but that’s not all he wears.  You’ll often see him wearing different styles of henleys, thermals, and T-shirts throughout the series.

Dean Winchester’s Shirts vs Real Products

Item Name & ImageScreen Cap of Clothing
American Apparel
Dean Winchester Costume T-shirt
Dean Winchester's T-Shirt
American Apparel
American Apparel Henley
Dean Winchester Henley Shirt
Match Men's Henley
Match Men's Henley
Dean Winchester Henley Shirt
Dickies Long Sleeve
Work Shirt (multiple colors)
Dean Winchester Costume Dickie's Work Shirt
Dean Winchester Dickies shirt
Wrangler Long Sleeve
Work Shirt
Red Wrangler Shirt
Dean Winchester Red Carhartt Long Sleeve Shirt

Dean Winchester black shirtDean’s T-Shirts

Thankfully his T-shirts are extremely simple.

Dean wears both crew neck and V-neck T-shirts, and the colors are generally black, white, and dark/military green.  If you’re in decent shape, you’ll want to get shirts that fit your frame well, IE not baggy, sleeves are a bit shorter, and not extremely tight either.

Where to Buy Dean’s T-Shirts

If you already have a brand of T-shirt that you know fits well, then stick with that.

Otherwise, I would suggest most of American Apparel’s products, like this for a crew neck American Apparel Men’s Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck.  Or if you want a V-neck, they have those too American Apparel Men’s Short Sleeve V-Neck.  Obviously you can get them in any color or size.

Despite how they look on the models, those shirts actually fit really well.  They “hug” the arms/shoulders/chest area well and the torso part isn’t baggy.  Perfect athletic fit.

Dean Winchester's Henley shirtDean’s Henley Style Shirts

Dean seems to wear different styles of henley shirts, some thicker than others (unless my eyes are deceiving me).  The henleys are kind of like the T-shirts since it doesn’t really matter what you get.  And I don’t think the brand of them is known.  I’ve spent countless hours looking for as many details as possible in Dean’s clothing, and I’ve never seen anyone who knows what brand his henleys are.

You want the shirt to fit well, and the colors will be similar to the T-shirt colors Dean wears.

Where to Buy Henley Shirts

I’m going to recommend American Apparel again here.  Just like their T-shirts, their henleys fit really well too. American Apparel Thermal Long Sleeve Henley, and they offer all the colors and sizes you’d need.  I also really like this henley, Match K|G Mens Henleys Shirts Long-Sleeve/Slim Fit.  Carhartt sells them as well, and they offer a lot of different styles, like this one for example Carhartt Men’s Lightweight Thermal Knit Henley.

Dean Winchester's Long Sleeve Button Up Work ShirtThe Button Up Dickies & Carhartt Shirts

And of course we have Dean’s classics, the work shirts.  Since these are all either Carhartt or Dickies brand shirts, they’re really easy to get.  You may not be able to buy the exact shirts that Dean wears since styles for any clothes do change every so often, but the look doesn’t change too much.  Outside of the U.S., Carhartt isn’t as widely available.  If you live in Europe, you might be interested in reading my article on where to buy Dean’s clothing and accessories in Europe.

If you’re more interested in a “classic” Dean Winchester look, definitely go for one of the solid colored work shirts.  The typical colors he wears are:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Dark Blue
  • Red
  • Denim
  • Khaki

Dickies is definitely the most popular brand of work shirt that Dean wears, with Carhartt being second.

From what I could find online, and just from my own memory of the show, the red long sleeve button up work shirt that Dean wears isn’t made by Dickies (I don’t think they make their long sleeve work shirts in red).  There are a few different brands that he wears, but the most common and easiest to find is his Carhartt one.

Where to Buy the Button Up Work Shirts

Dickies has their work shirts available on in every color and size.  Speaking of size, their shirts are pretty standard – IE if you normally wear a medium sized shirt, order your Dickies in a medium too.  I personally own this shirt in black, charcoal and navy.

Are you most interested in Carhartt?  Dean does wear a red Carhartt work shirt and a green one.  You can find them both on Amazon.  Be careful here though, Carhartt’s clothing all tends to run pretty big.  Your best bet is buying a size smaller than you normally wear.  I bought the red Carhartt work shirt in a medium originally, but I had to return it for a small.  Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and about 170 pounds, and normally wear a medium.


Dean does sometimes wear just a T-shirt and jeans, but the show takes place during the fall/winter.  So of course the characters are usually wearing layers.

That’s actually one of the things I like the most about Dean’s style (and most people in Supernatural), the layers.  It’s comfortable, keeps you warm when it’s cold out, and you can shed a layer (or more) when you’re inside.  So convenient and useful.

Stylish and functional, that seems to sum up Dean’s wardrobe well.

What do you like most about the way Dean dresses?


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