Dean’s Accessories

Dean Winchester's Accessories

Dean’s style of clothing is pretty simple, but he always has a few accessories he wears.

I’m going to cover the most common accessories, but if I miss anything, let me know in the comments below.

Dean Winchester’s Accessories vs Real Products

Item Name & ImageScreen Cap of Accessory
Replica of Dean
Winchester's Silver Ring
Dean Winchester Costume Silver Ring
Dean Winchester's silver ring
Replica of Dean Winchester's
Elephant Hair Bracelet
Dean Winchester Costume Bracelet
Dean Winchester's bracelet
Replica Dean
Winchester Skull Bracelet
Replica Dean Winchester Skull Bracelet
Dean Winchester's Skull Bracelet
Replica of Dean
Winchester's Necklace
Dean Winchester Costume Amulet Necklace
Dean Winchester's necklace
Suunto Core Military
Dean Winchester Costume Watch
Dean Winchester Suunto Core Military Watch
Fossil Gage Plated
Analog Watch
Dean Winchester Fossil Gage Plated Watch
Dean Winchester Suunto Core Military Watch
MTM Black Patriot
MTM Black Patriot
Dean Winchester MTM Black Patriot
Smith & Wesson
SWAT Watch
S&W SWAT Watch
Dean Winchester S&W SWAT Watch
Muela Alcaraz Bowie
Muela Alcaraz Bowie Knife
Dean Winchester's Muela Bowie Knife
Muela Bowie Knife
Muela Bowie Knife
Dean Winchester Muela Bowie Knife

Dean Winchester’s Silver Ring

Dean Winchester's silver ring

As I’m sure every Supernatural fan knows, Dean has a silver ring he wears on his right hand on the ring finger.  It’s relatively simple, with a groove going down the middle.

Luckily these can be had for pretty cheap from Amazon.  I had to order three different rings before I got the size right.  Replica Supernatural Dean Winchester Silver Ring (they have a lot of different sizes) is the ring I bought.

Dean Winchester’s Different Bracelets

Dean wears a couple different bracelets throughout the series, but I think the most common one is 2 Knot Genuine Elephant Hair Bracelet.  This is the bracelet that I went with for my Winchester costume.

I also found this Replica Supernatural Dean Winchester Skull Bracelet.

Throughout the series he tends to wear either one, both, or none at all.  So pick and choose whatever you want here.

Dean Winchester's necklaceDean Winchester’s Necklace/Amulet

Just like with the ring, everyone knows Dean’s necklace/amulet.  Given to him as a gift by his younger brother Sam, and used later on in the series (although briefly).

Dean Winchester’s necklace can be found in a variety of different sizes, styles and of course prices.  But I think you can go pretty simple and cheap on this one.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Mask Amulet Demon Pendant Necklace fits the bill nicely.

Dean’s Watches

With Dean Winchester’s different watches, there are plenty of options.  I know a couple of the exact same kind of watches he wore in the show.  But you can also get away with wearing any military/rugged style outdoors watch.

One of the exact watches he wears is the Suunto Core Sport Watch: All Black.

If you don’t feel like spending that much money, there are some pretty nice alternatives, like this Fossil Gage Plated Stainless Steel Watch.  The Fossil watch is the one I went with.

Dean also wears the MTM Black Patriot, which is even more expensive than the Suunto.  There are two different styles of this watch, one with a metal band, the other velcro.  He has worn both throughout the show.  If you want something similar but cheaper, Amazon sells quite a few watches that are pretty close.  A search for “special ops watches” shows a lot of watches that look similar, special ops watches (the link shows the search results).

If you’re looking for more of a season one Dean look, he also wears a Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. Black Rubber Strap Watch, which is probably the cheapest watch he ever wears throughout Supernatural.

That’s Not a Knife…

Knives may not be everyone’s idea of an “accessory”, but we all know it is for the Winchester brothers.  Dean uses a couple of Bowie knives in Supernatural, and I know of two exact makes and models.

The first is a Muela Bowie from Phantom Traveler (season one episode four).  You can find this Bowie knife on Amazon.  The second knife is a Muela Alcaraz Bowie which is used in various episodes throughout the show. You can find this Muela Alcaraz Bowie on as well.

Dean Winchester's Muela Bowie Knife


Just like how he dresses, Dean keeps his accessories pretty simple.

Fancy silver watches?  Nope, rough and rugged military watches.  One simple silver ring and an amulet on a leather string around his neck.  It all looks great while still being incredibly minimal.  And in the case of the watches, functional.

Do you keep your accessories minimal like Dean, or do you prefer more?


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