Top 10 Must Haves When Cosplaying Dean Winchester

So you want to dress up like Dean Winchester, huh?  Do a little Supernatural cosplay?  Before you don your boots and leather jacket and hop in your Impala, make sure you have these 10 things.

No Supernatural fan will take your costume seriously without them!

Dean Winchester leather jacket#1) A Badass Jacket

Dean is always wearing some awesome looking jacket.  For true Supernatural cosplay and to be a real badass, you’ll have to get a replica of Dean’s leather jacket.  Don’t forget to slightly pop the collar.  Not too much, just enough to let everyone know you are one cool dude.

Not a fan of the leather jacket?  Or maybe you want something not quite as obvious?  Dean wears plenty of other jackets.

#2) Tough Guy Attitude

With a gravelly voice, witty retorts and the right facial expressions, no one’s gonna mess with you.

And don’t forget, you and your brother were raised like warriors by your former Marine Corps father.

Does anyone have any more questions?  Good, that’s what I thought.

#3) Blast Your Mullet Rock

Dean Winchester rocking out

If you’re gonna cosplay Dean Winchester, you have to get the music right.  No rap, no country.  Just classic rock.

AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica?  Perfect.  Don’t be surprised if strangers start mistaking you as a character from Supernatural if you’ve made it this far down the list.  But we’re not done yet.  You’re not just going for a character from the show, but the character from the show.

#4) Badass Boots

You can’t just wear any old pair of shoes or boots.  You need footwear that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies.  Demons, monsters, angels, they’ll all fear getting stomped out of existence.  Courtesy of: your sole.

No not your soul, your sole.  Don’t know where to buy such awesome boots?  Check out my page on how to dress like the older Winchester here.  It gives more detail and links on where to get the boots.

#5) Mmm, Whiskey

Drink whiskey.  Straight.  Mixing hard alcohol is for wusses.  And you’re not a wuss, are you?

Ok, so you’re just cosplaying.  Maybe you don’t wanna be wasted 24/7.  That’s understandable.  So you need to find a good replacement.  Apple juice in a whiskey bottle?  No one will ever know, and you keep your badassery in check.

Dean Winchester pie#6) Dude, Don’t Forget the Pie!

Eat!  Greasy burgers, greasy fries, gas station junk food, and of course, pie.  If you haven’t consumed at least a few thousand calories worth of junk in a day, you’re doing something very wrong.

You’re a hunter!  You risk your life fighting evil bad guys all day long.  You’re sure to die in some gruesome and horribly painful way at the hands of one of the monsters you hunt.  No need to fear a puny little heart attack.

#7) Be Fiercely Loyal to Family

Whether it’s your adopted fallen angel brother, or your real brother that you’ve raised since you were a kid yourself, you are loyal.  No questions asked, they come first, everything else comes second.

Just how loyal is “fiercely” loyal?  For starters, you should have zero problems with waltzing into Hell to save your brother.  Also, if your fallen angel buddy absorbs the souls of thousands of creatures from purgatory, thus becoming the most powerful angel to ever exist, you’d stand up to him.  Sure, he could erase you from existence without so much as batting an eyelash, but he’s your brother, and you’d do anything to help him.

Even die.

Check out this Supernatural fan’s post on Dean’s loyalty.  It’s an awesome read.

#8) Wear a Sentimental Necklace

Ok, so your little brother may not have given you a God-detecting amulet necklace when you were a kid.  If you need one, check out my page that shows you where to buy Dean’s amulet.

You’re a badass tough guy.  But you have a soft side, and a bit of sentimental jewelry can’t hurt, right?

Speaking of your soft side…

#9) Have a Sentimental Side

You are one tough son-of-a-bitch.  People avoid looking directly at you out of fear and respect.  But buried deep, deep down inside of your hard outer shell is a soft core.

But you’re Dean Winchester.  You can count on one hand how many people have seen you cry, or show any sensitive emotion.  So until you’ve been to Hell and back multiple times, and have had to sacrifice your soul for your little brother’s life…You don’t know what emotion is.

Dean Winchester cosplay awesome#10) Be Awesome

Last but not least, be awesome.  Dean Winchester cosplay isn’t just about the clothes and the attitude.  It’s about an overall awesomeness.  When you walk into the room, people just notice you.  You can’t help it, its just the way you are.

Be sure to let people know you’re awesome.  Especially after you accomplish something great, like stopping the Apocalypse, or surviving purgatory with help from a vampire and an angel, for example.


There you have it, my list of most important things when trying to imitate Dean.  What are your top 10 things to have/do when cosplaying Dean Winchester?  Let me know down below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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