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Last week I had someone from Europe contact me about Dean’s clothing, and the lack of it available through Amazon.  They were specifically talking about clothing/accessories available through  I knew there were different versions of Amazon, but I didn’t think about the fact that they wouldn’t offer the same items (duh!).

I responded back saying I would look into it, and if I could find enough information on where to buy everything, I’d write an article on it.  Read on to see what I’ve found…

Dean Winchester leather jacketJackets

One thing’s for sure, whether you live in the U.S. or Europe, replicas of Dean’s original leather jacket are easy to find.  This replica Dean Winchester leather jacket from is a good choice.

If you’d rather get your replica from the same company that made Dean’s original jacket (you can find their Ebay store here), you can get this.

Alpha Industries has their M-65 field jacket available too, click here to see it on Amazon.  For those of you who are unaware, Alpha Industries is the same brand M-65 jacket that Dean wears on Supernatural.  And in case you haven’t read my page on Dean’s jackets, the M-65 runs pretty big.  I normally wear a size medium (I’m 173cm and about 79kg) but ordered mine in a small, and it was still a little big until after the first time I washed and dried it.  The epaulets (the things on the shoulders) and the hood were both removed from Dean’s.  The hood is kept in a zipper compartment in the back of the collar, and the costume designers for Supernatural sewed over Dean’s with a piece of black cloth.

Dean Winchester Carhartt Duck Detroit JacketI’ve mentioned this before, but I think the simple, collared Carhartt jacket that Dean wears in episodes one and two of season six is pretty significant (“civilized Dean’s” jacket from when he lived with Lisa and Ben).  Its a Carhartt Duck jacket available from Amazon.

Not interested in those jackets?  Unfortunately they’re the only ones I know of that are still being made and readily available.  You only have to have seen a few episodes of Supernatural to realize the Winchester brothers wear quite a few different jackets, but to find the rest, you’ll have to search.

One of Dean’s most popular jackets is the Gap Commander Slub Twill jacket (style #405575).  I do own this jacket, but it took months and months of searching on Ebay. Just search for.

Unless you absolutely must have that exact jacket, you can find something pretty similar in style and color. This jacket from Amazon doesn’t look exactly the same, but it definitely matches Dean’s style.


Dean’s T-shirts are pretty easy to copy, you just need one that fits well (not too tight, but not baggy).  If you already have a T-shirt brand that you really like and know fits you well, then just stick with that.  As for colors, those are easy.  Just go with white, black, brown, or green (you’ll want to go with an earthy green, nothing too bright).

But if you’re anything like I was just a few years ago, you feel like you’ll never find a brand of T-shirt that fits well and doesn’t shrink really weirdly in the wash.  Despite how they look on the models, American Apparel T-shirts fit really well.  Dean also wears V-necks, so you could get the American Apparel T-shirt in a V-neck too.

Henley style long sleeve shirts are worn pretty often by Dean.  As far as I know, the brands he wears on Supernatural have never been identified, so I’m going to recommend the American Apparel Henley.  Colors will be pretty much the same as the T-shirts.  And just like the T-shirts, if you already have a brand of henleys that you like, just stick with what you know.


Dean’s Long Sleeve Work Shirts

Dean’s long sleeve button up shirts are mainly two different brands, Dickies and Carhartt.  Unfortunately, Carhartt’s availability outside of the U.S./North America seems pretty slim.  Luckily, Dickies are sold in Europe. Amazon sells a wide variety in both sizes and colors, and Dean usually wears his in black, grey, blue or khaki.

In my experience, the Dickies fit true to size, but if you do happen to find a Carhartt shirt in Europe, they run pretty big.  I originally ordered my Carhartt button up shirt in a medium, but had to return it for a small because the medium was too big.


The general consensus with Supernatural fans is that Dean wears Diesel brand jeans.  I’ve never seen a screen capture proving it, but they are a really good match in looks.  The style of jeans he wears does change slightly throughout Supernatural, but not much.  You can go for boot cut or straight, and either destroyed or just slightly destroyed.  Again, similar to the shirts, if you already have a brand of jeans you prefer, you can just use those.  But if you want to be as close as possible, these jeans from Diesel are a great match for Dean’s jeans.

Dean Winchester's BootsBoots

A lot of people claim the brand of boots Dean wears in Supernatural are Rocky Goretex logger boots, and even though they look almost identical, you never do see a brand name on them in the show.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them in any online stores in Europe.  But…I did find the boots that I bought for my Dean Winchester Halloween costume.  I purchased these Frye Logger boots a few years ago through Amazon.  They’re not available on the U.S. version of Amazon anymore, but apparently they are in Europe.  I really like these boots, people compliment them pretty often, and they’re also extremely comfortable (which is great if you wear them all the time like I do).


Dean’s different accessories are probably the easiest things to find in Europe.  It seems like any Supernatural replicas are sold pretty much everywhere.

If you’re looking for Dean’s amulet necklace that he wears in seasons one through most of five, you can find it on Amazon.  There are a lot of different makers and sellers of his amulet replicas, but that one got the best reviews.

Two of his most popular/well known bracelets are the elephant hair one and the skull one.  Amazon has an awesome looking elephant hair replica bracelet.  Want the skull bracelet?  Amazon has a nice looking replica here.

The silver ring Dean wears is another common item from Supernatural that people look for.  I find it a bit odd that Amazon’s Europe/UK site only has this replica of Dean’s silver ring.  On the U.S. version of Amazon there are quite a few different makers and sellers of his ring.

Dean Winchester Cosplay Suunto CoreDean’s Military/Outdoors Style Watches

All of his watches in the show are rough and rugged, military/outdoorsy style watches.  Dean’s watches change quite a bit, but not quite as often as his jackets.

If you want to buy the exact same watches Dean wears on Supernatural, one of them is the Suunto Core.  In season one, Dean wears this Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. watch quite a bit (and it’s a lot cheaper than the Suunto too).

I personally ended up going with this Fossil watch for my costume.  It keeps the same style/look that all of Dean’s watches have, but it looks a bit nicer than the Smith & Wesson watch and it’s much cheaper than the Suunto.


I know that not every seller on ships to every country in Europe, but it seemed like the most popular option when I was looking into online stores available in Europe, and it looked like most sellers shipped throughout the continent.  Since I live in the U.S., obviously my experience with online shopping in Europe is extremely limited. If you’ve got any suggestions on different online stores to use in Europe (preferably something available throughout Europe, not just one country), please let me know.

One thing I’d like to add from all this is if you ever have any questions about where to buy some of the Winchester’s clothing, just contact me and ask.  Or, if there’s something you would really like to see added (another Supernatural character’s clothing/accessories, something about Sam and/or Dean’s clothing/accessories that I don’t have, etc.), again, just ask.  I have a contact page here on the website, you can leave a comment on any of the pages/articles here, or you can get in touch with me through social media.  You can find links to all of them at the bottom of the page, but I’ll link them here too:

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