How Dean Winchester’s Style Completely Changed My Life

It wasn’t too long ago that My life was nothing like the exciting adventures of my favorite Supernatural Hero, Dean Winchester.  Not until a series of events occurred, the magnitude of which I couldn’t have possibly foreseen. This catastrophic order of occurrence (little did I know at the time) would change my life as I knew it.

You see I was just another regular nobody with nothing going for me and no prospects for the future. There was absolutely nothing beyond ordinary about my boring, stupid life. Pretty much my Friday nights had open availability. I could only dream of being the kind of ladies man Dean Winchester is.

Sure I had plenty to be thankful for: Family that cared about me, I come from a Middle Class Family in the United States (and that’s like Royalty compared to other parts of the world), but that’s the problem with mortals like myself, no matter how good things are, they always want to do better, build larger, more extravagant, so on and so forth.

My situation wasn’t terrible to begin with. I just always had a feeling like I was destined for greater things, though I didn’t know when or how. I was sure that there had to be a plan for me.

How tortured I was because I believed that I was simply a microscopic parasite existing merely by accident in a moderate temperate zone, where all elements needed for life to exist are mysteriously present. I simply couldn’t comprehend the purpose of such a simple, seemingly meaningless existence.

Dean’s Magical Pie

Then one fateful day I knew that there was a grand design in place. When it was as if some outside force interfered with the fabric of reality and a glob of gooey, tasty pie defied the laws of gravity and all physics as we understand them today, by traveling through space and time to stain my favorite article of clothing.

In fact it wasn’t until I got some Pie on my shirt that I decided to adopt a new wardrobe. In retrospect, I know now that not only was I adopting a new sense of style, but really a whole new attitude and outlook. I didn’t just start to dress like Dean Winchester. I can’t exactly explain it but, I became him. Dressing like the Dean isn’t just a style, it’s a way of life.

Practical Styling

Something that I never realized before adopting the style of my favorite supernatural hero is that not only is Dean’s style visually appealing, but its also practical.

Dean’s style always seems to suit any situation I find myself in. By Dressing in layers like Dean I’ve found that I’m more prepared for different situations.

Since making the slightest change to my personal appearance and modeling my behavior to match that of Dean Winchester, I’ve completely restored the quality of my life immeasurably.

I don’t know if it’s the silver ring or the amulet necklace, but I’ve actually lost weight, gained muscle, become faster, more agile, my gray hairs have had their pigment restored, I look younger, brighter, my vision has improved, my skins elasticity has returned and my cavities are healing themselves as if by some form of dental sorcery.

I don’t drive a 67 Impala, but I might as well now that I’m such a ridiculous Bad-Ass ever since changing my personal clothing style to match Dean’s.

Have I mentioned the rate at which my romantic interests have grown since adopting this awesome new style? Because it’s a ton! I mean I used to be so pathetic that I even considered picking up chicks at the Laundromat. Now that I dress like a total Badass and have entirely too many Bulky Jackets to hang up, chicks can’t resist me. Suffice it to say I would add this to the benefits of dressing like Dean column.

My Conclusion?

Overall, Dressing like Dean Winchester has made such an impact on my life that I absolutely don’t think that I could have achieved all my dreams without having made it my own. I would Highly recommend it to anyone who is bored, unhappy or just unsure of what to wear next.

Also on a side note, I haven’t tried it personally but I’ve heard Dean’s Jacket is resistant to Demon’s Blood.

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