In 2010 I decided I wanted to dress as Dean Winchester for Halloween. So I set off searching around the web for information on what clothes Dean wears on Supernatural.

I found a lot of information, but it was mostly spread out on different forums and threads.  I kept thinking in the back of my mind that I should make a website with all of this information in an easy to use format…or at least easier than searching through forum posts that are years old.

I still watch Supernatural every week, but I strongly prefer the first five seasons of the show to the sixth through the current.  Even though I’m a bit biased, I do include clothing from the newer seasons, but generally Sam and Dean’s styles haven’t changed a whole lot since then.

Other Projects

A friend of mine and I decided to start a site like this one, but it covers a bunch of different TV shows.  It’s called TV Style guide, and we plan on adding a large number and variety of television shows to the site.

There are a few other websites that generally do the same thing, but none of them really go in-depth into the style of the characters.  Basically all you get is a list of clothes that the character supposedly wore.

We plan for it to be a lot like this site, offering more of an overall guide, and also sources and comparison pictures so you can see how the real life product compares to the on-screen version.