Sam and Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean Winchester from the TV show, Supernatural, are two of the best heroes of our time.  With so many fans of the series, it’s no wonder that a lot of people would want to imitate Sam and Dean Winchester’s clothing style.

Sam and Dean Winchester’s Style of Clothing

Its not necessarily the clothes themselves that the Winchester brothers wear, but how they wear them.

Just look at the way they dress:

  • T-shirt/undershirt, long-sleeve solid or plaid button/snap-up shirt
  • Casual jacket
  • Vintage/worn jeans, brown or black leather belt
  • Boots
  • Watches (primarily military/outdoors style), bracelets, necklaces

This general style is really easy to follow, and some of Sam and Dean’s actual clothes and accessories can be found online at stores like and

Sam and Dean Winchester Screen Captures vs Real Products

Dean Winchester:

Item Name & ImageScreen Cap of Clothing/Accessory
Replica of Dean
Winchester's Original
Leather Jacket
Replica Dean Winchester Leather Jacket
Dean Winchesters leather jacket and shirt
Alpha Industries
M65 Field Jacket
Dean Winchester Costume Alpha Industries M-65 Field Jacket
Dean Winchester Military Jacket
Dickies Long Sleeve
Work Shirt (multiple colors)
Dean Winchester Costume Dickie's Work Shirt
Dean Winchester Dickies shirt
American Apparel Henley
American Apparel Henley
Dean Winchester Henley Shirt
Lucky Brand Jeans
Lucky Brand Bootcut Jeans
Dean Winchester rocking out
Skechers Logger
Skechers Logger Boots
Dean Winchester's Boots
Rocky GorTex Logger Boots
Dean Winchester Rocky GorTex Logger Boots
Dean Winchester's Boots
Chippewa Logger Boots
Chippewa Logger Boots
Dean Winchester's Boots
Replica of Dean
Winchester's Silver Ring
Dean Winchester Costume Silver Ring
Dean Winchester's silver ring
Replica of Dean
Winchester's Necklace
Dean Winchester Costume Amulet Necklace
Dean Winchester's necklace
Suunto Core Military
Dean Winchester Costume Watch
Dean Winchester Suunto Core Military Watch
Replica of Dean
Winchester's Elephant
Hair Bracelet
Dean Winchester Costume Bracelet
Dean Winchester's bracelet

Sam Winchester:

Item Name & ImageScreen Cap of Clothing/Accessory
Carhartt J130 Hooded
Carhartt J130 Jacket
Sam Winchester Carhartt Hooded Jacket
Long Sleeve Plaid
Snap-up Shirt
Roper Plaid Shirt
Sam Winchester Blue Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
Lucky Brand Jeans
Lucky Brand Bootcut Jeans
Sam Winchester Jeans
Blundstone Slip-on Boots
Sam Winchester Costume Boots
Sam Winchester Boots
Nixon Player Watch
Sam Winchester Costume Nixon Player Watch
Sam Winchester Silver Watch

Breakdown of Sam and Dean Winchester’s Fashion

You can probably tell from the table above, but even with the clothing that’s not an exact brand and/or style match they look very similar.

But once again, you don’t need to have the exact clothes to have the same style.  If you’re more interested in Sam and Dean’s style rather than the exact clothes, I cover it all in my various articles and pages.

I’d suggest starting with these articles first:

Sam and Dean’s Style: Commonly Searched for Info

Dean Winchester Gap Commander Slub Twill JacketDean Winchester’s Military Jackets

Almost all of Dean’s jackets are a military style.  His second most popular jacket is made by Gap, and it’s called the Commander Slub twill jacket.

What’s a military jacket?

  • Epaulettes – the button strap things on top of the shoulders
  • Large front pockets – they tend to have four large pockets on the front.  Generally two lower pockets, and two breast pockets

The Commander Slub isn’t made anymore, so you’d have to find it used somewhere, like Ebay.

But Dean’s most common military style jacket is the Alpha Industries M65 field jacket, which you can buy from  The one Dean wears on Supernatural has the hood cut out of the collar, and then they patched over the zipper where the hood was.

Want to get into even more Dean Winchester fandom?  Check out this awesome Winchester Bros podcast interview with Jensen Ackles :)

Sam Winchester’s Hooded Carhartt Jacket

Sam Winchester's hooded jacketSam’s hooded Carhartt jacket (or “Superhero Hoodie“) is probably the jacket you think of when you picture Sam.

What’s so great about this jacket?

  • Quality – Carhartt does make high quality clothing
  • Warmth – If you ever see any laborers outside when its cold, the Carhartt logo is pretty common
  • Style – Is it “stylish”? No, not really.  But it is a style that fits anywhere casual

Can’t get enough of Sam Winchester?  The Winchester Family business has a great interview with Jared at the San Diego Comic Con 2014.


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